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RX Ordering & Tracking
Welcome to the New-City Optical Web Page. At New City Optical, we’re proud to be your local source for the world’s best lenses. By combining leading products and technology with superior local service, we offer everything you need to succeed. Our k(...)
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What makes Varilux lens service from New City Optical so special? Just ask the pros! No matter what type of V(...)
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The ELOA Network
VisionWeb : the premier Internet-based tool for eyecare providers
about Safety : Essilor Laboratories Industrial Eyewear
Essilor Vision Foundation
The Essilor Vision Foundation, is a non-profit organization, based in Dallas, Texas, dedicated to helping people achieve better lives through better sight by creating and supporting activities that (...)
Looking for the right information about Essilor lens materials, designs or treatments ? Find it online by browsing all Essilor product publications on our new e-Library. Click here to learn more...
MyOnlineOptical allows ECPs to add a turnkey e-commerce engine that extends their reach beyond office walls and office hours to 24/7 accessibility. Click here to learn more...
Practice Builder
ELOA PracticeBuilder represents an unprecedented investment in your success, providing all the tools you need to take better care of your patients and your practice.
Tracer Support
Do you want to order via VisionWeb but need the right software for your tracer ? Find what you need in our Tracer download section...
DEFINITY SHORT Lenses offer presbyopes the design benefits of DEFINITY(...)
crizal sun
Crizal Sun optimizes vision through any sun lens by adding the scratch(...)
With Varilux Physio, Varilux captures the corrective power of wavefron(...)
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